Pass rush and using Lawson

So I know a couple people have commented on how little Manny has seen the field due to the number of nickel and dime packages we've run out there and Fooch alluded to it in his most recent main post.  But why haven't we heard of Lawson playing any DE in these nickel and dime scenarios?  He's a bit light, but I'd think he could be a very good speed rusher still and its where he played full time in college after all.  Would he be too small to be effectiveon the line for even a couple downs in those situations?  I'm curious to hear what others think about this.  I feel like we may be wasting one of our most talented and athletic players and potentially our best pass rusher, despite the fact that we dont have that many super athletes our natural pass rushers to begin with.  I'm pleased with what Haralson, Smith and Green have shown, and the pass rush seems much improved regardless.

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