Hoody has two weeks to prepare for 49ers

The 49ers better figure out their pass protection problems fast because Hoody and the Pats are coming to town. Martz must keep more people back in protection and use Gore at least 20-25 times in the offense. Davis and Gore need 5-8 screen passes between them to keep the blitzing Pats D off their backs.

Davis stayed after practice all last week working on the deep pass with JTO but Martz decided to only call his number once during the NO game on a screen pass. Gore might blow his lid soon if Martz does'nt get him the ball more.

What happened to right sprint option? The most famous play in the history of the 49ers should be utilized more to get JTO out of the pocket and pick up those 5-10 yard gains that are necessary to move the chains.

The defense was putrid with DB's getting burned at every turn and no pass rush to speak of. Brees threw for 350+ yards as I predicted without being put on his rear once during the game. Willis and Spikes had decent games between them.

Let's hope Martz and No clue Nolan get it together and develop a better plan for this week because you know Hoody will.

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