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Campbell's Soup NFL Annual "Click for Cans" Competition

I recently received an email from the marketing folks of Campbell's Soup.  They're holding a charity contest that involves picking your favorite team each week.  Each week you go back to the site and vote in hopes of helping the 49ers win each week.  The top 4 teams in each conference advance to the playoffs and the better a team does, the more cans of soup get donated to their local food bank.

The website explains the rules much better, but the important thing to remember is to vote for the 49ers.  I'll probably promote this to the front each week to keep people voting.  So, head over to the "Click for Cans" website and vote for the 49ers.  You can vote once a day and all it requires is click on the bubble and entering a short security code.  After you vote you can click on Matchup to see how everybody is doing.  Right now it appears the 49ers are leading the Cardinals.  So, head on over when you get a chance.