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49ers vs. Cardinals: 2nd half thread

49ers_logo_medium  vs.  Th_cardinals_icon_medium

Thanks to some great discussion, we're going to open up a second half thread for this game.

If you told me the average starting position of each team and the number of turnovers, I'd say the Cardinals would be killing the 49ers.  Instead, the defense has made some huge plays (the touchdown aside) and the 49ers find themselves

The offense had its ups (Frank Gore) and downs (turnovers), they certainly showed some promise and definitely looked better than last season.  All things considered, 10-10 is not the worst thing in the world.

Oh and per a comment in the first game thread: Celebrate your fantasy team all you want, but if one of your players does something good against the 49ers and you elect to say something, prepare to be mocked mercilessly.

We'll have a quick post-game recap shortly after the game.  In the meantime....