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Golden Nuggets: The Morning After


The morning after a tough loss is never pretty, but there is certainly plenty around the blogosphere to check out.  Today's a particularly big day as we await word on the extent of Alex Smith's injury, as well as Mike Nolan's wrap-up press conference at 12:15.  I think we all expect Smith to be on the shelf the rest of the season, but we'll wait on the official word.

Speaking of Smith, the 49ers have begun searching for a new 3rd string quarterback.  First name mentioned: Jamie Martin.  Martin is on the radar primarily because of his time in St. Louis with Martz.  There are certainly flashier names out there, but I honestly don't think Byron Lefwich is the type of player you want as a 3rd string QB.  He's talented but you have to wonder if he could accept such a role knowing he has virtually no chance of becoming a starter.

As has been mentioned in the recap thread, Maiocco saw some crazy stats.  The 49ers actually outgained the Cardinals by 6 yards, in spite of running 28 fewer plays.  While there were several field goals, only one touchdown was scored off the 49ers turnovers.  The defense couldn't make some key 3 and outs, but all things considered (primarily time of possession), it was a respectable performance.

Kurt Warner continues to own the 49ers.  The man is 8-1 with 20 TDs and 10 INTs against the 49ers.  I'm surprised the TD/INT ratio isn't better as it always feels like he picks us apart.

Lowell Cohn does not want anybody making excuses for the 49ers.  He calls the 49ers a "good-looking bad offense."  Do people agree with that characterization?  I suppose just based on yesterday's game that's an easy assessment to make.  As Cohn pointed out, they did score .7 points fewer than they averaged last season.  However, I don't think it's possible to perform that poorly, in terms of turnovers, on a consistent basis.

The defense isn't happy about that Ray McDonald roughing the passer penalty.  While I agree that McDonald should have known better, I also think it was a pretty ticky-tack call to make.  But as was pointed out in the game thread, if you even breath on the QB you're gonna get called for something.

A new form of home field advantage?  If our coaches can get in good shape this busted elevator thing could be HUGE!

Isaac Bruce was indeed a bit of a disappearing act.  In the post-game interviews JTO did indicate he looked to him a couple times but the Cardinals were covering him pretty steadily.  If Bryant Johnson can turn into a consistent threat that should open things up for Bruce a little more.

Should the 49ers have been more "angry" about the loss?  I think when you make that many mistakes it's easier to be more embarrassed than anything else.  However, Cam Inman is definitely not optimistic about this season.

For those wondering if the 49ers will ever be on in your part of the country, check this site out every week.

The folks at Princeton are psyched to see their boy Zak Keasey starting.

It doesn't get much easier any time soon with a rough first half of the schedule.  A quick re-look at the schedule and that Philly could be ugly, the Patriots game could be a lot more interesting and who knows what to think about Seattle right now.

Feel free to drop in your own links and I'll hopefully be back with an update on Alex Smith later today.