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Golden Nuggets: Just because an article mentions him a little bit... Bruuuuuuce!

Hey all, James here settling in for another edition of Golden Nuggets. Things are picking up as interviews are finally being conducted and I haven't much to say other than I have my fingers crossed. I don't know how I feel about any of the candidates, honestly, so I'm most likely going to have the papers and/or you guys tell me how I should feel about them. Then I can either pat you on the back or ridicule you unmercifully depending on whether the particular OC succeeds or fails. So, here's some links.

Kevin Lynch talks about the OC interview, the BCS game, but what interests me most is the talk about linebackers Brandon Spikes and Takeo Spikes. (

Here's more on the interviews that took place. (

So apparently Bruuuuce wants to come back. That's awesome, pure awesome. (

Walt Harris and Parys Haralson make playoff predictions again in Head to Head. (

I'm sure you saw it already, but Patrick Willis was named to the All-Pro second team defense yesterday. (

It seems Mike Martz is getting desperate. Huh. (

And Nolan has officially interviewed with the Packers. (

S'all for now.

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