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Golden Nuggets: Linehan please, thanks.

And I'm back, plugging away (I honestly cant claim its hard in the offseason, I have a total of like one topic each day, but yeah.) with the Nuggets. Anyway, I really don't have much to say other than I'm getting more and more convinced that I like Linehan for the job unless there's some more candidates I'm not aware of. I think I'll be happy with Chudzinski though. So here's your links.

Maiocco takes a look at the latest candidate to interview for OC, Rob Chudzinski. (

Here's an article about it from the Chronicle as well. (

Matt Barrows answers some questions with readers, always interesting to read these opinions. (

Raiders and 49ers sharing a stadium? Never. I would fight this until the very end. (

This article takes a look at the offseason needs for the NFC West. (

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