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Golden Nuggets: Still no OC...

So.. not much to talk about today, another candidate for OC is being interviewed and once again I cant say I know anything about this guy, so I cant say whether or not I like him. In my (blissfully ignorant) mind Linehan is best suited for the job. And with that bold statement I give you links.

The 49ers are scheduled to interview Broncos offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Rick Dennison today. (

Maiocco thinks that Singletary is looking for the offensive coordinator with that 'look' in his eyes. You know the one. (

This isn't Niner news, but I'd like to keep up on Mike Nolan, and he's expected to be hired as the Broncos defensive coordinator. (

So the first round of interviews is over, should we be making our choice as quickly as possible? (

The 49ers release a statement about their stadium plans. I honestly hate the idea of a stadium anywhere other than San Francisco, unless of course we keep our name as the San Francisco 49ers, then I'm fine with it. I guess. (

So is Vernon Davis a bust? You tell me. (

That's all for now.

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