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49ers OC Watch Day 15: Jeff Jagodzinski....or maybe not? And a brief bit on Rick Dennison

So late yesterday afternoon Maiocco reported that Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post was reporting that former BC coach Jeff Jagodzinski (fired for interviewing with the Jets) would be interviewing for the OC job.  Later in the evening MM updated the report stating the word was that Jags was NOT going to be interviewing for the OC job.  I was somewhat disappointed by this later development because ironically enough, I had a draft saved discussing whether or not the 49ers should interview Jeff Jagodzinski.  What's more remarkable is I had written it up 5 days ago.  Below is more or less the same post with a few minor adjustments.  So much for my clairvoyance.

On January 7, mikev threw out an interesting comment mentioning Jags as an OC option.  For those not aware, Jagodzinski was the head coach of the Boston College Eagles.  He was offered an interview for the New York Jets head coaching position, but when the AD at BC found at, Jags was informed that he would be fired if he even took the interview.  Jags interviewed and was subsequently fired.  The primary reason for the firing was that the AD had wanted a coach who would be in it for the long haul at BC.  While that's certainly a noble vision, it's also a bit naive given the way football coaches tend to operate these days.

Jagodzinski has not been mentioned in any rumors, but after mikev's suggestion, I figured why not at least look into it.  If the 49ers plan on doing their due diligence, I'd think they at least do some basic research on the guy (Fooch's addition: maybe they did in fact do their due diligence and decide against intervewing him).

Prior to coming to BC, Jagodzinski's career started at the college level, moved up to the NFL and then back to BC.  From 1985-1998 he served, in order, as a running backs coach, offensive line coach, general offensive assistant, tight ends coach and assistant offensive line coach.  His last two years in college ball (1997-1998) he served as offensive coordinator/offensive line coach for BC.

In 1999, Jagodzinski became tight ends coach for the Packers, a position he remained in through 2003.  He then quickly became the Falcons offensive line coach before being hired in 2006 to be offensive coordinator for the Packers.  After a year, he was off to BC.

In the two prior years to his taking over as Packers OC (2004-2005), the offense was ranked 13th and 23rd in DVOA (1.6% and -12.9%).  His season, the offense was ranked 15th (-.6%) and the year after him it was ranked 5th (21.2%).  The difference from 2005 to 2006 can be attributed in part to the 2005 injury to Ahman Green.

The downside to bringing in a guy like Jagodzinski is of course his desire to improve his situation.  He bolted the Packers after one season and was ready to jump ship from BC after two seasons.  Clearly he's a man on the move making it a little easier to say he's not worth interviewing.

Should the 49ers try and interview Jagodzinski?

In slightly related news, the 49ers interviewed former Broncos OC/offensive line coach Rick Dennison.  Dennison's career line is as follows:

2007-08: Offensive coordinator/offensive line, Denver Broncos
2006: Offensive coordinator, Broncos
2001-05: Offensive line, Broncos
1997-2000: Special teams, Broncos
1995-96: Offensive assistant, Broncos
1992-94: Assistant coach, Suffield Academy (Conn.)

So that gives us four interviews down and one possible future interview (although aparently less likely).  Given some of the upsets this past weekend, i'd imagine there are some more options out there.  A couple of guys in particular that Maiocco threw out (and I mentioned in a comment) are Craig Johnson, the Titans QB coach, and Mike McCoy, the Panthers QB coach and "passing coordinator."

If there are going to be any more interviews, I'd imagine they'll be happening pretty soon.  I don't think the remaining teams are loaded with potential offensive coordinator options, which could means we'll have a hire soon.  Maybe, barring follow-up interviews, even before the week is out?