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Golden Nuggets: Bring Rossum and Spikes back, k Niners? Thanks.

So I settle in for another addition of Golden Nuggets, and I gotta say I'm a little upset. I wont really go into detail about what it is, but it definitely has to do with the Nuggets and finding links in general. I just cant stand stupid articles citing sources that don't exist from stupid people trying to report "news" and if you think I'm talking about the BC coach thing, I'm not, there's even more bull news that's not news and for the sake of not calling said person out (I doubt they come here but ya know) I'll stop right there. Anyway, I've got some links for you. Enjoy and such.

I'm sure you've read of the two new additions/positions to the 49ers coaching staff. (

Here's an article in which the writer thinks he knows everything. (Imagine that) But anyway, the article addresses the notion of Singletary wanting the 49ers to be like the '85 Bears. (

And here's more on that, though I think I may have already posted this at one point. (

Allen Rossum wants to retur--.. he wants to come back the Niners next season. (

Here's a look at the calendar for the NFL for 2009. (

And that's all I got for now.

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