Free Agent Targets for the '09 Offseason


So i'm posting this thread to get an idea of who's going to be out there this offseason as it pertains to our position needs. I don't know who's contract is running out next season, so my suggestions are to point out the caliber player I'd like to see us go after, not the specific player.

Free Safety: After watching Mini Mark Roman come humming in on Redskins QB Jason Campbell in week 17, hit him square in the chest, and go spinning off, clearly, the most glaring need this offseason in my opinion is a physical free safety. I'd like to see us go after someone in the vein of Ed Reed or a younger Brian Dawkins.

Nose Tackle: Patrick Willis had solid season, but without a big, nasty Nose Tackle to draw double teams and put pressure on the opposition's QB, I don't believe we'll see his full potential. Balmer was a bust. Mediocre at best. Did someone say Tommy Harris? I did.

Wide Reciever: I've heard some tasty titles like Ocho and Housh. Personally, I think we're pretty healthy in the WR departmant. Bruce can still produce on a very high level.Our young guys, Morgan and Hill have so much potential it's scares me. Josh Morgan looks like the second coming of  Anquan Boldin. And speaking of Anquan. He had contract issues early in the year. Now he's injured and they are in the playoffs. Their situation reminds me of Shockey and the Giants last season. If someone like that comes around, I say we should jump on him.

Offensive LG, RT: This is right up the 49er's alley. They have had great success with veteran free agent linemen in the past. I.E. Larry Allen, Jonas Jennings and Ron Stone. In my humble opinion, this is our biggest need outside of a boss free safety. Imagine the running game if we picked up someone like Faneca last season. And the pass portection? It's a double whammy!

Other thoughts:

Corner to replace Walt Harris: Lito Sheppard? Yes please.

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