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Golden Nuggets: Good luck, Broncos.

...Hope you enjoy the big sub. (See Nolan link below)  Anyway... Hey all, coming back with another edition of Golden Nuggets. There's not a lot to report today but there's a few good quality articles ripe with fresh opinions to either rip asunder or agree with. Personally, I'm unsure of how I feel about anything right now, honestly. I want to see who the new coordinator is, and soon. I just wish this silly playoff nonsense would be over, its draft time soon, right? ... Right? Alright, fine, I'm being as patient as I can be. Here's some links.

A look at whaHt's going on with the coaching as of right now with some opinions from the writer. (

A look at our new 'inside linebackers coach' Vantz Singletary. (

What's the best approach to hiring a head coach? If you take too long you could lose the good ones, if you go to fast you may miss a big one. (

Fooch posted this in the comments of yesterday's article, but its an interesting read nonetheless. Are the 49ers just four players away from the playoffs? (

Kawakami thinks Singletary should interview Tom Cable for some form of offensive position. I'm not sure how I feel about this, I mean I guess he'd be good but I doubt he'd come. (

So the Broncos hired Mike Nolan as DC. (

Jed York says sharing a stadium isn't something they've looked at, but says he's open to the idea. I'm going to have to object whole heartedly. (

Scout from the official website checks in from the East-West Shrine Bowl. (

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