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Golden Nuggets: Going with the gut feeling.

Hey guys, about five minutes ago marks the first time since the first rumors started about Mike Martz getting fired that I feel like we're on the right track coordinator wise. I really like a few of these candidates now that I've got time to really look at them and study them. My favorite right now is Rick Dennison, and my reasoning really doesn't follow any actual lines of sanity, just a gut feeling that I'm going to stick with. In other news I got the most awesome piece of spam mail today, and it was concerning Niners Nation. It was too awesome, but I'll not get into it as its not really Niners news and I'll just go ahead and give you some links, there's a few today so read up.

Trying to guess where we're going to end up OC wise is interesting to say the least, if impossible to come with a conclusion. (

Oddly enough, I like the team of Pat McPherson as QB coach and Rick Dennison as OC. (Presuming of course they are indeed a package deal.) Its just my gut feeling that this would be a good situation--provided we settle the little bit about neither having called plays before. (

More speculation than answers about the new stadium in Santa Clara. (

Nolan Watch--it seems the Broncos will most definitely get to 'enjoy' the big sub. (

Samuel Lam wants Spikes back next season--me too! (

He also... has a sort of.. weird affinity for uniforms. (

This article gives a few reasons why each candidate thusfar (for OC) should and shouldn't get the job. (

And some more pros and cons from Barrows. (

Here's a little Q&A with Scot McCloughan. (

Cardinals turned the corner--its our turn now. (

Found a random blog advocating Chudzinski for OC. (

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