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49ers bring in Scott Linehan for second interview

Scott Linehan came back for a second interview.  If they're moving into second interviews, I'd imagine that means we have our final list of candidates, agreed?  Right now that would include (with last job):

Scott Linehan, St. Louis Rams head coach
Clyde Christensen, Indianapolis Colts receivers coach
Rob Chudzinski, Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator
Rick Dennison, Denver Broncos offensive coordinator

Maiocco threw out an interesting question:

Does this mean he will be allowed to leave the Bay Area without a signed contract? Linehan has not been linked to any other jobs this offseason.

I guess that is possible but I'd think if you had some interest in one of the other candidates, it's a better idea to consider the other options in second interviews first.  Although, based on Singletary's actions thus far, it wouldn't surprise me if as soon as he knows who he wants he locks them down (as opposed to playing out some interview charade for the other folks). 

The coaching staff is heading to the Senior Bowl early next week so it would make sense to get an OC sooner rather than later.  I'd think that would mean they'll have an OC by Monday.