Scott Linehan Offered 49ers O.C. Job

FOOCH'S NOTE 1:25AM: Thanks to StrictlyFootball for getting this up as a FanPost.  I just got back from the first bar night of the semester and wanted to make sure this got up.  Florida Danny said is best here when he pointed to five major qualifications:

1) Run-oriented
2) History of NFL success
3) Has experience as an NFL play-caller (because of Singletary’s offensive inexperience)
4) Has experience in NFL game/clock management (because of Singletary’s HC inexperience)
5) Not leaving for an HC position after year 1

Of all the candidates, Scott Linehan is the only one to meet all five categories.  For those wondering what I mean, check out another Florida Danny comment.  The thing I like about Linehan is that he bring experience that Singletary lacks.  Coach Singletary is clearly "the man" but a guy like Linehan would be a nice little cushion for Singletary when it comes to offense.

Matt Maiocco just posted on his blog that the 49ers offered Scott Linehan the position of Offensive Coordinator. Here's the link.

The interesting part about this is, the 49ers have brought in two other QB coaches and they may insert their own QB coach than rather have Scott Linehan bring in his own. While they may ultimately not put in either of those two QB coaches, it will be interesting to see who Scott Linehan will bring in.

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