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Golden Nuggets: So, Linehan it is I suppose.

Oh man the spam is rolling in and I'm not sure why, but I have to say its entertaining to say the least. At any rate we get to the hot news for today, which is that Linehan was offered the OC job, and just as I suspected, I'm content with the offer. If we get him, fine, that's completely fine with me and I go into the next season optimistic. I'm just glad a decision is likely being reached.

Jobs are being created and people are being let go in the 49ers organization. (

See the official link below, but you'll definitely want to scroll down to read the post here about the news of Linehan being offered the job, but just in case you're lazy and without a scroll wheel, here's a nice link for you. (

Maiocco reports that Linehan has been offered the job for offensive coordinator. So much for speculation about the QB coaches, etc. Unless that means Linehan doesn't have a guy and Singletary is trying to poach one off one of the other candidates? Niice. (

And a summary of the Shrine Bowl from a scout on the official website. (

Barrows takes a look at a few of the upcoming draft prospects the Niners need to look at. (

And we go to head to head again where two 49ers players pick the playoff winners. (

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