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Golden Nuggets: More Shaun Hill, please.

Look, Shaun Hill got it right on the Joe Show: more Shaun Hill, please. I just feel like he should be named the starter as of right now and the fact that he hasn't been is kind of infuriating, honestly. I have to wonder what Singletary is thinking. Old school is one thing, but I think we've come upon the first flaw of Mike Singletary: stubborness. He seems like a very humble man when he should be, but he also seems like someone who thinks what he thinks is right no matter what and... I don't know, I'm going to cut it off there and if anybody's interested I'll rant for a good twenty or so minutes in the comments. There's some links for you today, enjoy, etc etc. Oh, and also... Fooch will be doing 'a bit of a live blog' of the Shrine game today at 1 PM. For more on that check the end of the links.

Linehan is expected to make a decision by the end of the weekend. (

Here's more on that as well as more on Linehan himself. (

Apparently Rick Dennison is no longer in the running. So much for you know, my gut feeling. (

So far I'm unhappy with Singletary in this sense... Why isn't Shaun Hill the starter for the upcoming season? I'm sorry but he's earned it and Singletary's reasoning for not naming him the starter is stupid. I don't have faith in Shaun to win a starting job in training camp, I do however have faith in him to take us to the playoffs. (

Here's a look at the playoffs from the official website. What to Watch For. (

Are the Yorks looking for new investors? They say no but I think yes. (

Our great and benevolent overlord dictator head coach* Fooch has asked me to let you guys know that he'll be doing 'a bit of a live blog' of the Shrine game today at 1 PM PST so you should definitely check in for that.

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