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Golden Nuggets: The Lone Nugget

Today's post should be titled "Golden Nugget" without an 's' simply because there's pretty much no news today. I mean, its a big day for this season but it has nothing to do with the 49ers so... I'll post what I have, just to get the post up and I can update it if something comes up. (You know, like Linehan accepting, perhaps?) At any rate, enjoy you eh... nugget.

Wow so if I learned anything from this Q&A its that Barrows is one of those "Omg you must type correctly or I'm better than you people." Huh. (

^ That's your news--no seriously, its all I've got today. Its your nugget. Take it, love it.

Of course you could look at the Chronicles take at the two championship games today. AFC and NFC. (

Will definitely update if news arises.

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