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Golden Nuggets: Well that... that was unexpected.

I'm not even talking about the playoffs, either. I'm talking about Linehan declining. I figured since he interviewed twice that it was pretty much a done deal, I didn't even suspect anything when he claimed to need time. Either way all I know is he's not going to be our offensive coordinator and I don't feel any doubt about the future knowing this. If he's not the OC, then he's not supposed to be and somebody better suited is out there. Singletary needs to find him. Quickly.

Singletary says it too--the right fit is out there. He also says he'll continue to be patient in the search. (

Kevin Lynch gives some opinions on the situation. (

And here's some more from the Chronicle. (

Despite the current coaching woes, the 49ers will keep a close eye on the senior bowl. (

So where DO we go from here? I'm unsure but I don't agree with all this "Well whoever we hire is the second choice how will they feel blah blah..." I see that only mattering if we hire one of the other two already interviewed. If we interview someone else and hire them then its more of a "Hey, we thought too fast. You're a better candidate. Win some k?" You see? Problem solved, I don't like that WR coach and that guy with the funny name anyway. (

That's all for now.

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