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Golden Nuggets: 'Personal reasons' my foot...

I figured I should put foot rather than "[site decorum]" in the title. So I'm a little bit upset right now with the Linehan situation. Its not that the fact that he's not going to be our OC, its more of the fact that he cited personal reasons and is now searching for another job. I wish him all the failures next season. So I've got some news for you today (kind of) and I'm going to dabble in Senior Bowl coverage. One interesting this is that I went to a few other SBNation blogs and found that not many of our NFL blogs here have much posted on the senior bowl. That includes division opponents. Nothing on the front pages and nothing in the fanposts. Kind of weird, it seems like a hot topic for discussion. (Holy crap anybody else like Herman Johnson's measurements?) Anyway, here's your links you rabble.

I don't necessarily agree with this article, which cites the 49ers as a team with the inability to make a decision, when in reality I think they're going about things the right way. If Linehan was so easily drawn to another team then I don't want him. End of story. (I wish.) (

Bryant Young could be looking at a career in coaching. (

Here's a nice article titled "Here's to a decade of parity in major sports." (

I must have missed this a few days back (or maybe I linked you to it; big deal, wanna' fight about it?) but the Cardinals going to the super bowl is good for our division. Winning it is, too. (

Football 101: Five Wide Receivers, a lesson on the five-wide set from the official website. (

Barrows has some opinions from the first day of workouts from the Senior Bowl. (

So do we need to panic right now in our OC search? I don't think so, I personally think everyone is up and crazy about nothing. And if you guys turn out to be right, shame on me. (

So, how about Schottenheimer then? (

I found a of sorts with somebody posting thoughts on the "ideal" Niners offseason. So one of the first things I notice is FB Zak Keasey under the "Release" section. Now, I understand this even if I personally want to keep him, but then I look down and see, what? No late drafting, no signing, nothing for a FB? And he ACTUALLY has Michael Robinson listed as the starting FB next season? Give me a break. I think Robinson is a great player but a terrible fit for FB right now. (

Here's a few points from the senior bowl practices. (

And another report from day one. (

This doesn't affect the Niners at all, but I know the hit on Willis McGahee scared me and in case it scared some of you, he is expected to make a full recovery. (

That's what I've got for you right now.

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