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49ers OC Watch Day 23: Hey Jeff Jagodzinski, desperation isn't pretty...oh who am I kidding?

Eight days ago, reports surfaced that former Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski (for the remainder of this article to be referred to as Jags, not to be confused with Ron "Jaws" Jaworski) would be interviewing for the 49ers vacant offensive coordinator position.  Later in the afternoon Maiocco had his sources telling him that was not the case.  Once that came out, I just forgot about Jags and focused on Linehan et al.  So much for that.

Yesterday, reports surfaced and were confirmed by MM and Barrows that Jags was back on the radar and lined up to interview last night.  Phhheww.  Not quite a bizarre set of circumstances, but still certainly a bit of a circus.   And that's with some of the details cut out.

So clearly Jeff Jagodzinski, for some reason known only to him (and maybe by now Coach Singletary and Scot McCloughan), really wants to be the 49ers offensive coordinator.  He worked with McCloughan in Green Bay as tight ends coach from 1999-2003 while McCloughan was a scout.  It's certainly possible that he just really likes Scot McCloughan and wants to work with him again.  I don't think that's the reason, but who knows.

A quick Google News search does not reveal any other potential interviews for Jags and as our boy Scott Linehan has shown, there are other positions for which he could interview.  So the question becomes, why does he want to coach out here so bad?  Great weather and general Bay Area awesomeness aside, I've got a few theories, although I'm sure there are plenty others.  Also, it could be a combination of some of the theories below:

  • The McCloughan angle discussed above
  • He really likes Mike Singletary and wants to work with him
  • He sees the offense as a low risk, high reward option that could lead to the quickest return to the head coaching ranks (be it in college or the pros)
  • As a student of the zone blocking scheme, he is salivating at the opportunity to work with a legit back like Frank Gore

As I said, there are plenty more.  Of those four, I think some combination of the third and fourth are most likely and at least knowing McCloughan is just a plus.  As Barrows mentioned in his article linked above, Jags is a bit like former candidate Rick Dennison (Broncos OC), in that he is a student of both the West Coast offense and the zone blocking scheme.  The scheme has churned out great running backs over the last decade.  I don't know if he'd bring that scheme to the 49ers, but I'm curious what he could do with Frank Gore.

So are there any other reasons to get this much love from Jeff Jagodzinski?  And would you want him as the offensive coordinator?  It's always nice to be wanted, but we certainly want to make sure he's the right man for the job.