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Call for a writer: College Football/Scouting anybody?

In the recent past, one of my primary resources for scouting the college ranks has been New Era Scouting.  The head honcho over there, Matt Miller, is a 49ers fan and sometime contributor here at Niners Nation.  As much as I love the 49ers and the NFL, I know that having some knowledge of the college ranks is essential for looking at the future of the 49ers (and really the NFL as a whole).

I'm throwing up this post because I'd love to have somebody who loves college football and would be able to keep us informed from the beginning of the season through the draft as a front-page author.  Whether this is about college football as a whole, or scouting in particular, it's something that could probably go from August to April.  From January to April, this role would be more focused on scouting out specific college players.  And no you don't need scouting experience.  There is enough video out there and information on the Internet to put together an intelligent and compelling look at a given player.  I'd still be involved in college-related posts, but I'd like to flesh this out a bit more and have somebody who can focus solely on this area.

There are some folks who want strictly 49ers info on the site and to them I say that it will likely be a once or twice a week post at most (depending on how it gets worked out).  Furthermore, on the day this sort of post goes up, it would always be accompanied by a later/earlier 49ers-related post.  I really think this kind of information would help make us more informed fans.

The style of the writing would be entirely up to you.  You can utilize a style like our current writers or go with something all your own.  Or maybe some folks would want to split it up.  I'm very open to how people would want to do this.    If this is something you'd be interested in doing (or even just learning more about), either leave a comment and I'll be in touch, or email me at