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Golden Nuggets: Clueless Again

These news articles are telling me how to think and its frustrating. Mostly because I know they're right. Jeff Jagodzinski looks like a good prospect except for the fact that he'll likely spring for something bigger after one season if he does well, thus eliminating the continuity the 49ers crave. So once again I'm slumping back into my "I'm not sure what I want just do something" receptive state in hopes that when I come out of it something will be decided and I can go along with it whichever way seems best. In other news I'm currently scrambling, doing my very best to purchase an HDTV before the Super Bowl airs. I refuse to watch another football game that is presented in HD in standard definition. Wish me goodluck. Oh and, enjoy your links.

Jeff Jagodzinski reportedly was interviewed yesterday for the OC position. (

Here's more on Jeff. (

Jed York sits down with CBS for an interview on the 'future of the 49ers' which it really doesn't cover but its interesting nonetheless. (

Barrows checks in from the Senior Bowl again. (

And more on the senior bowl from an area scout on the official website. (

The 49ers are stuck in neutral. Really? I thought a coaching search should be thorough. (

That's really all for now.

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