Official NN 2009 Offensive Coordinator Search FanPost

Per the suggestion from cuse7284, I've decided to create a FanPost devoted to the offensive coordinator search.  I still plan on posting stuff on the front page about the OC search as there will always be plenty to analyze.  However, this will be a central source of links related to the search, much like our mock draft database. 

I've spoken with Ninjames and each day (until we have an OC), he'll post OC-related links in here.  It splits up the links, but for this particular subject, I think it's worth confining the subject to one area.  Once an offensive coordinator is hired, we'll close out this FanPost.  With our luck, the OC will be hired tomorrow morning, making all of this a moot point.  However, for the short term, let's give this a whirl.

So each morning, our man Ninjames will post any links he finds within one comment titled whatever day it is.  If you see a link worth posting, but have nothing to add to it, I'd prefer you just reply to his initial links comment of that particular day.  That way we can keep the links bunched together for each day and easy to find.  I look at this as a bit different than most FanPosts.  I see it as more of a resource than a discussion thread (although discussion is obviously welcome by all means).

So, to recap, this will remain open as long as the 49ers continue their search for an offensive coordinator.  Once one is found, this will be closed down.  During the search I'll still have front page posts about the OC search with more of my own nitty-gritty analysis than just breaking news type of stuff.  This FanPost will be primarily links, but discussion as well as people see fit.  If you have any questions or suggestions for this idea, feel free to comment or email me (  Remember, we're kind of flying by the seat of our pants with this, so if you're going to be critical of it, try and be constructive with your criticism.

Also, please recommend this if you get a chance so it will be bumped up to the "Recommended FanPosts."  Unless, of course, you hate this idea or you hate me.

CURRENT CANDIDATES (current/most recent position in bold):

Rob Chudzinski
1996-2000: Tight Ends Coach, Miami
2001-2003: Offensive Coordinator, Miami
2004: Tight Ends Coach, Cleveland Browns
2005-2006: Tight Ends Coach, San Diego Chargers
2007-2008: Offensive Coordinator, Cleveland Browns

Clyde Christensen
1979: Graduate Assistant, Mississippi
1980-82: QB/WR Coach, East Tennessee State
1983-85: QB/WR Coach, Temple
1986-88: OC AND RB/QB coach, East Carolina
1989-90: WR/TE Coach in '89, OC in '90, Holy Cross
1991: RB Coach, South Carolina
1992-93: QB Coach, Maryland
1994-95: Co-OC/QB Coach, Clemson
1996-1998: TE Coach, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1999-00: QB Coach, Bucs
2001: Offensive Coordinator, Bucs
2002-2008: WR Coach, Indianapolis Colts

Jeff Jagodzinski
1985: Running Backs Coach, Wisconsin-Whitewater
1986: Offensive Line Coach, Northern Illinois
1987-1988: Graduate Assistant, LSU
1989-1996: Offensive Line Coach, East Carolina
1997-1998: Offensive Coordinator/OL Coach, Boston College
1999-2003: Tight Ends Coach, Green Bay Packers
2004-2005: Offensive Line Coach, Atlanta Falcons
2006: Offensive Coordinator, Green Bay Packers
2007-2008: Head Coach, Boston College

Hue Jackson
1987-89: RBs coach, University of the Pacific
1990-91: RBs coach/Special teams, Cal State Fullerton
1992-95: RBs coach, Arizona State
1996: Offensive coordinator, Cal
1997-2000: Offensive coordinator, USC
2001-02: RBs coach, Redskins
2003: Offensive coordinator, Redskins
2004-06: WRs coach, Bengals
2007: Offensive coordinator, Falcons
2008: QB coach, Ravens

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.