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49ers OC Watch Day 24: Ravens quarterbacks coach Hue Jackson

Ok, so I posted the OC Search FanPost, but as I said, I still plan on throwing up front page posts about more specific topics. The discussion fits in better here. We'll see how well this all works, or if it just creates mass-confusion.

Maiocco reported yesterday that Ravens QB coach Hue Jackson was added to the mix in the search for a new offensive coordinator. There is no scheduled interview time, but I'd imagine it would be before the end of the week.

He has some experience, which Singletary has said is particularly important. As the Ravens QB coach he worked with Joe Flacco this past season. Flacco benefited from a great defense, but considering he's a rookie QB, he wasn't too shabby. However, what I noticed even more, on top of his OC experience, was the fact that four of the positions he's held as a coach were as a running backs coach. He was the RB coach at Pacific, CSU-Fullerton, Arizona State and with the Redskins.

Lost in all the hubbub over the OC/QB coach search is Tom Rathman. There has been some suggestion that he could eventually become the offensive coordinator and this is certainly proof that RB coaches can develop into OCs. Aside from experience, discussion has centered around the need for continuity when this OC leaves. Clearly the 49ers are scarred by what is closing in on a decade of a revolving door at the offensive coordinator's booth. I don't know if Rathman has any chance or interest in the future OC position, but it's certainly something to consider.

In the meantime, we continue to sit and wait. The emergence of Jackson and Jeff Jagodzinski would certainly indicate that Singletary was not particularly pleased with the Chudzinski/Christensen interviews. Mike Singletary is not a man who will settle for something he's not completely behind. I'm starting to wonder if Chudzinski or Christensen really has any chance any more? By not hiring them, it leaves the impression that Singletary clearly doesn't want either of them and he doesn't seem like a man who would settle for leftovers. I could certainly be wrong, but I'm not holding my breath for either of them.

I've thrown up a poll that could very well be outdated by the time this pre-scheduled post goes up. Barrows mentioned that Brian Schottenheimer of the Jets is on the radar, but the Jets really want him back (meaning BIG raise I'm sure). I'm sure there are plenty of mystery candidates out there. But humor me for now with this poll.

FOOCH'S NOTE: I'll be away from my computer until about 1:30pm or so pacific time in case people are looking for anything between now and then.