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Golden Nuggets: Take that pay cut, Alex Smith.

Hey everyone, James here with today's Golden Nuggets. Most notably for today is quarterback Alex Smith, and the fact that the team is "optimistic" that he'll return for 2009. This surprises me, but that doesn't mean I see it as a bad move, in fact I think its a good one. Also to note today is that any and all OC search related news will be directed to the new official fanpost as supplied by Fooch and linked below. So without further... adieu? Ado? Whatever the word may be, without anymore of it, here's your links (in English, as opposed to.. whatever adieu is.)

Here's a link to the official OC search fanpost where I've updated with a few links in the comments. (

So apparently the 49ers are optimistic that QB Alex Smith will return in 2009, I personally think this is good. He's young enough to turn his career around and one more shot cant hurt. (

Former 49er Roger Craig will participate in the coin toss for Super Bowl XLIII. (That's this one!) (

Of course, these articles will continue to pop up--another questioning whether or not we should have hired Mike Singletary because Gruden and Shanahan are available. (

Barrows reports from the Wednesday practices at the Senior Bowl. (

This year's draft might be deepest where the 49ers need it. (

It appears former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo would be interested in buying the Tampa Bay Buccaneers if they were for sale. Huh. (

This article talks about hiring a family member to your staff, in regards to the head coach doing so. How do you feel about this? I think Singletary is the man who'd have it in him to fire his family member if he didn't produce, but then again Vantz doesn't look like he has a huge role anyway. (

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