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Golden Nuggets: [site decorum] is right, Fooch. Its what I said, at least.

Another day, another OC NOT hired by the 49ers. I'm getting a little concerned, but I'm playing it cool. I have faith in Singletary that everything will fall into place. Either way, I'm a little irked with the whole Linehan situation. You can go ahead and look below for that, its a hoot, it really is. I haven't much else to add, here's some links for you.

As Fooch posted to the front page yesterday, the 49ers signed defensive back Jimmy Williams, and what do you know? I'm going to get in the habit of linking Fooch first. (

Barrows suggests that the team will give him a shot at Safety. This is good. (

Here's an awesome article about Bill Walsh. Nothing but respect for this man and his memory here. (

What's next for the 49ers under center? (

Samuel Lam gives his thoughts on the QB situation. (

He also gives even more insight, about Alex Smith in particular and hey--on a shiny new site. (

So Linehan might be a possibility for offensive coordinator... surely not in the bay area right? Right? ...Wrong. (

And here's a post from Maiocco on the subject. (

Here's some senior bowl coverage from the official website, the final check in. (

And more from a different scout. (

Man I'd really like to know about these "team insiders" that this site always seems to cite, you know, that no other sites report on. Either way, did we spend too much money on Nate Clements and Justin Smith? (

So Alex Smith has been throwing for two weeks and is regaining strength in his arm. (

Layoffs could be coming to the 49ers. (

And wow, this doesn't have to do with the Niners but holy... I want it, I just do. (

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