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Do you have confidence in the 49ers and Mike Singletary's offensive coordinator search?

I'm curious how people feel about this "meandering search" (as Mike Sando put it) for an offensive coordinator. I think it's safe to say that the addition of Dan Reeves has caught most people by surprise. Had Scott Linehan said yes to the 49ers offer obviously none of this would be an issue.

So now, the 49ers have added Dan Reeves to what may go down as one of the longest search processes in recent memory. Personally, I have faith in the search, but the way it's developed certainly could leave people a little less than confident in the situation. I've thrown up a poll and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people pick the maybe option.

And as if that's not enough, Adam Schefter threw out a little bomb of a question: Are the 49ers angling for Michael Vick? He's not saying they definitely are, but he points to a string of coincidences:

1. Singletary's comments indicate the team is in the market for QB help.
2. Reeves has extensive experience with Vick.
3. Hue Jackson helped coach Vick in Atlanta.
4. The team apparently has expressed interest in former Falcons WR coach Mike Johnson who coached QBs in Baltimore and knows Vick well.
5. Jimmy Williams, the guy the 49ers signed yesterday, was Vick's teammate at Virginia Tech and currently lives in Hampton, Virginia, one town away from where Michael Vick owns a house (or at least did before the financial troubles).

I think Schefter is reading too much into it, but given the string of facts, it's certainly not all that difficult if you dig a little bit. While I don't see the 49ers going after Vick, Schefter certainly throws out some compelling circumstances.