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Mock Drafts: Quarterbacks everywhere....

It's Senior Bowl Saturday so plenty of talent to check out this afternoon (we'll be hear live-blogging the first half). However, before getting into that something else has jumped out at me. I was updating our mock draft database last night (cheap plug) and I came across some interesting results.

Of the 29 mocks currently listed (with numerous more to come), 11 had us taking quarterbacks. That's not exactly an astonishingly high number given the sample, but a few things jump out at me when I look at "national" coverage of the 49ers. The general belief is that the team needs a new quarterback and would jump at the chance to grab a Stafford or Sanchez with that 10th overall pick. This has been further enhanced particularly by the mocks updated since the deadline for underclassmen to declare. Several of the mocks that had us selecting Sam Bradford adjusted and have us now selecting Matt Sanchez. Several of the ones that had us selecting Stafford have moved him up and plugged in Sanchez. In the last update, done prior to the 15th, Sanchez was projected to us in 1 mock. That is now up to 8 mocks.

Everette Brown is running a close second appearing in 7 mocks. Of course last year, we had 50-something mocks and Kentwan Balmer was projected to us in exactly 1. Although this is a topsy-turvy draft season, I'd imagine it's easier to project the #10 pick than the 29th pick.

Nonetheless, I think most of the people projecting a quarterback to the 49ers in the first round really don't know what's going on in San Francisco. While I know there are arguments to be made for picking a QB in the first round, I really would be stunned to see it happen. I know Singletary has been a bit less than supportive of Shaun Hill, but given his desire for a ball-control, power running offense, I don't see him wanting to invest in a high priced first round QB. Of course part of this also depends on how he and Scot McCloughan work on this. McCloughan is the GM but Singletary obviously has some kind of say. It's not the somewhat equal existence of Nolan and McCloughan, but it's something.

So, i've thrown up a poll that could very well be specific names given some of the positions listed (CB=Malcolm Jenkins, ILB=Rey Maualuga, etc...) but I figured I'd try and keep it a little more general. It's obviously way too early to know for sure given free agency and trades and whatnot, but I figured we'd get an early opinion. Our community mock draft (slowly but surely moving along) had us grabbing Everette Brown. He's a hybrid DE/OLB in college, but if he was selected by the 49ers, his size would seem to dictate a 3-4 OLB role. I find myself a bit in the B.J. Raji camp, but still plenty of time for me to change my hand 10 or 15 times.