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Golden Nuggets: Fine, Linehan is off the hook. (Until we play the Lions)

Morning to all. Not a whole lot going on, just a few rumors, an OC or two interviewed, etc. Of note today is the future contract signing of WR MIcheal Spurlock (see below.) I remember this kid and I hope he's more than just a practice squad audition. Hopefully he can handle KR and PR is Rossum doesn't return. (Either by not coming back, which is unlikely because he wants to; or from us not resigning him, which would just be silly.) At any rate, here's some linkage.

So Linehan accepted the job as Lions offensive coordinator. We can all calm down now. (

49ers signed WR Micheal Spurlock, I'm assuming for kick and punt return duties. (

Here's a bit more on Spurlock, including a video of his kickoff return for a touchdown with the Buccaneers. (

There was a bit about this yesterday, and its only a random thought thrown out by Schefter--but are the Niners angling for Mike Vick? (

Barrows says there are three players worthy of our tenth overall pick in the draft. (

Here's yesterday's fan Q&A with Scot McCloughan. McCloughan's Mailbag.

That's all that's going on right now.

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