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2009 Senior Bowl Open Thread

Although we had an All-Star game last week with the Shrine Game, it's safe to say that was the JV game.  Today at 4pm pacific (on the NFL Network), we get more of the big name seniors looking to improve their draft stock.  One thing I've always found odd is that you've got a pair of games for seniors, but nothing involving underclassmen outside of the Combine.  I suppose one reason for that is the last minute nature of the underclassmen declaring for the draft.

I had mentioned I would be live blogging, but school obligations will prevent me from doing so.  I will be watching the Senior Bowl at some point tomorrow (bow down to the greatness of DVR) and will have plenty to say at that point.  I want to apologize for the low amount of Senior Bowl coverage this week.  Unfortunately January has been and will remain especially crazy.  Thankfully things open up after that for plenty of over the top draft coverage.

The Senior Bowl is on the NFL Network so some folks will not be able to watch.  For the folks that are, we'd love to hear your thoughts and analysis during the game.  So, if you're watching the Senior Bowl this afternoon and are near a computer, check in when you get a chance.

Also, I'll try and find some live blogs of the game so you can follow along if you so choose.  Here are a couple and I'll keep an eye out for more at game time:

Sports Talk Buzz

Draft Headquarters

Senior Bowl rosters in WORD documents:

2009 Senior Bowl - North Roster

2009 Senior Bowl - South Roster

For those wondering who to check out, Barrows was in Mobile for most of the week and had plenty of thoughts.  For example, three guys at the game he thought were worthy of the 10-spot (obviously assuming they're available) were B.J. Raji (NT - Boston College), Michael Oher (OT - Ole Miss) and Rey Maualuga (LB- USC).

Aside form three above, I'm also curious to check out Graham Harrell (QB - Texas Tech) and Rhett Bomar (QB - Sam Houston State) as potential later QBs.  Zack Follett (LB - Cal) is a definitely guy many of us are highly interested in.

If you swing through here and won't be watching the game, let me know if there are any players you'd like me to keep an eye out for during my viewing tomorrow.