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Golden Nuggets: No on Reeves and no on Vick, says I.

So there's not much to report today, almost every "new" article today is almost word-for-word the exact same article as yesterday so I'm a little irked right now. I looked around, honest! Either way I'm going to get the Nuggets up and hopefully there will be something as the day progresses. To give a current thought about the Niners right now, I really think Hue Jackson would be a great fit at OC, I'm not liking Reeves so much. Its been too long since he last coached and its kind of hard to imagine him still having a whole lot in him play-calling wise. Either way, here's your links. (One thing, I think these blog-writers are getting very bored in the offseason--have you noticed how sarcastic they've been getting?)

We start with a pretty funny article by Maiocco, though it really made me realize that I get like zero rumors from him. You've got to remember, he writes a sports blog, his news column is seperate and it wouldn't hurt for him to go out on a limb every now and then and make some predictions/give some thoughts. Either way, still funny. (

Where are they now? A look at where the 1981 championship team is now. (

We almost played the Raiders once in the Super Bowl--but it didn't happen. I kind of wish it had. (

Barrows recaps the Senior Bowl (kind of.) (

He also thinks the Niners will NOT be pursuing Vick. This is good. (

That's all I've got for now.

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