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Golden Nuggets: Please no shared stadium... please?

So there's not a whole lot to work with today, a couple interesting articles but there's a lot that wasn't worth reading either. Lots of denials about Mike Vick being a target (by fans and writers, not the team) and this God-awful news about the 49ers and Raiders sharing a stadium wont go away. I think the Niners deserve their own stadium and I seriously hope they do whatever it takes to make sure they get one. For themselves. Here's some links.

So the NFL has "encouraged" the 49ers organization to work with the Raiders in building a stadium together. Ugh.. (

Barrows hosts another Q&A. (Thomas Clayton gets some love yesssss!) (

Maiocco has one as well. (

Should we look into signing Houshmandzadeh from free agency? (

So what does the signing of CB Williams give us? (

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