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49ers OC Watch Day 29: And then there were four...make that three

All the usual suspects (Maiocco, Barrows, etc...) reported last night that Rob Chudzinski was hired by Norv Turner to be the assistant head coach/TE coach.  Barrows's column gives a nice little summation of each of the four three remaining candidates: Dan Reeves, Jeff Jagodzinski, Hue Jackson and Clyde Christensen.  I actually had pre-scheduled this post before cuse7284 posted this link.  Dan Reeves apparently is likely going to take a consulting job with the Cowboys.

I've reached a point where it's almost exhausting how slow this process is going.  I'm not confused by the process and obviously I still hope we get the right guy (or A right guy) for the job.  At the same time it's become a bit comical.  I don't know if I mean that in a bad or good way.  I don't even know if this qualifies as methodical anymore.  I do think there has to be something going on behind the scenes in terms of research on these guys. 

However, given that the team has interviewed only seven people (and yes, given the time it's lasted I consider that a relatively small number), I really wonder what could possibly be happening.  Does anybody have any thoughts on that?  Again, this is not an issue of me being concerned or not concerned.  It's more just a tremendous amount of curiosity on my part.

Clyde Christensen remains on the list, but I think it's more because the media has never been told he's off the list.  The man interviewed January 9, so I'd have to say his odds of getting the job have to be the longest.  Does anybody actually think he'll end up with the job?

Jeff Jagodzinski seems like the guy who wanted this job more than anybody else before finally interviewing January 20.  The big concern is that he would leave for a better job as soon as he could.  Given the fact that he's already on the radar for head coaching jobs has to make that sooner rather than later.  Given that, I wonder if his odds are much better than Christensen?

Hue Jackson was a guy people thought Singletary might be interested in before the Ravens were finally eliminated from the playoffs.  He finally interviewed January 23 and with Reeves, remains the most recent interviewee.  He's relatively young and has some solid experience as an OC.  If the rumors are true about Singletary's previous interest are true, the odds seem to be pretty high that he's got a shot.  He did only interview four days ago so it hasn't been Clyde Christensen-long.

I had whipped together a paragraph about Dan Reeves but that is clearly no longer necessary.  So much for that.  It would have been nice for him to wait until after 8am, but what are you gonna do, right?

These posts probably end up a little repetitive after a while, but given the status of the search, I figure it's worth updating every so often (clearly so given how people in the race are dropping like flies).  I had considered throwing up a poll, but really what's the use? (imagine if I'd scheduled a poll with Dan Reeves in it...yeesh).  While I've thrown out some general odds for each individual, it's really a shot in the dark based on some probably weak conjectures.  Maybe we'll luck out and get an answer today.....Or....maybe not. 

I'll keep updating things, but I have no idea what might happen next.  This has gone from interesting, to long and boring to absolutely surreal.  I wonder if it's even remotely possible to predict what might happen next?  Maybe Hue Jackson is the guy he really wanted all along (or at least post-Linehan), in which case this is all part of Coach Singletary's diabolical scheme.  In the meantime, I've got two suggestions for the next possible interviewees:

1. Jim Fassel - He wants to get back into head coaching but if you're willing to roll the dice that he'll stick around, he does have recent OC experience.  The negative is that the Ravens offense, and particular a guy like Kyle Boller never took off with Fassel.

2. Anybody who has had some success at Madden.  I was going to suggest myself, but my offensive success has usually come in the the NCAA football series for Playstation.  I'm a big believer in the ground game, but obviously the disparity in talent was ridiculous.  My recruiting got to the point where I was rolling out 5-star players as backups.  I've always been solid in Madden, but not quite like in NCAA Football.

Feel free to give us reasons why YOU would be a good offensive coordinator for the 49ers.  They're running out of legit candidates, so it's time to start thinking outside of the box.  If you can dominate Madden with a relatively realistic 49ers offense, you just might be the person for the job.  As you can see, the search has caused me to go delirious.