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Golden Nuggets: Silly Fooch, quit messing with PFT.

Not to point fingers or throw accusations out there (even though that's what I'm just about to do) how come all the worst sites news wise begin with either "pro" or "real?" Here, "worst" is used to describe a site which, while being able to write proficiently, constantly shells out content not worth reading at all. Half the time you'll get these links from me if they're:

A.) Rumors which should be discussed. (Rare)

B.) Rumors which should be laughed at.

C.) Fake rumors they made up themselves. (Which you should also laugh at.)

D.) Actual news. (Also rare.)

I wont specify which is which when I post them, just note that most actual news will be approached seriously and B and C will likely be laughed at in my description. And there's my rant for today. So I've successfully made the Nuggets look nice and long today, have some links. (PS guess what thing I clever did after certain links no seriously guess)

To start, congrats to Fooch on starting this rumor about TJ. (

I'm willing to bet all of my money that the question posed by Fooch is the "inside source" behind this article here. Now, it really is an interesting prospect, and even if we do make a "big push" this article can reap no rewards because it almost certainly hasn't been indicated yet. (

Make sure you head over to the official OC search fanpost and check out today's links. (

This man is correct. The 49ers need to stay in San Francisco, and they need to NOT share with the Raiders. (

What were the 49ers' top sacks of 2008? (

Mark Purdy seems to think the shared stadium is a possibility. Really? Of course its a possibility, which is why its continued to be rumored... the reason we "shoot it down" is because regardless of whether or not its possible its simply ludicrous from a.) a fan standpoint, and b.) a player standpoint. They really seem to NOT like eachother. (

Raiders fans are getting a bit of.. disapproval from the folks of Santa Clara. (

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