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Golden Nuggets: No more rants... after today.

There's not too much going on today, save for the OC hunt possibly ending, which brings up yet ANOTHER thing that bugs me--people saying that "Singletary has to make a decision now or..." No, no he doesn't. For one, we'll have two extra training camps. For two, what's going to happen if he doesn't yet? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Quit being so impatient and let the man do his job. One other thing I've noticed is that I've turned this opening statement into more of a daily rant and starting tomorrow (this is my pledge, forgive me if I don't stick to it EVERY DAY) I will STOP the ranting if possible. Also, don't get me started on this stadium nonsense... Just take some links.

In case you missed Fooch's post, make sure you give it a read. Former 49ers WR Billy Wilson passed away yesterday. (

Here's the link on that from Maiocco. (

The shared stadium just wont work, I don't feel it will and I'm already sick of the issue. (

So the Houshmandzadeh thing is a full-blown rumor now. Would Jackson enable us a better chance at getting Housh if he is hired as our OC? Do we want him? (

That's all I've got for now.

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