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Golden Nuggets: So, Raye then? "Hmm" is all I can muster.

The big news is the OC news today, and you know its making me shake my head. Word is Jimmy Raye gets the job and I'm just so unsure of how I should feel. I'm certainly not excited, and that's what I hoped I would get from an OC hiring. I'm not despairing like some people, but I just don't see this as being the best hire we could make. At any rate we're along for the ride, so chin up, eh? Here's some links. (There's really only a couple for now.)

Of course, go look at the official OC fanpost. (

Greg Manusky signed a contract to remain the 49ers DC through 2010. (

Here's the latest McCloughan's Mailbag. (

There were rumors of Manusky going to Dallas, well here's a bit on that from Barrows. (

Raye is being met with... less than sterllar enthusiasm. (

I actually found quite a few articles showing much rage at the Raye hiring, but I'll not post them as its less than news and more of "AUGH."

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