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7th Annual Celebrity Crab Festival in Union Square

While we continue to figure out the offensive coordinator mess, I thought I'd throw up a rather amusing little event.  On February 28, the 49ers will be a part of the 7th Annual Celebrity Crab Festival here in San Francisco in partnership with the Union Square Association.  Members of the 49ers will team up with local chefs to demonstrate the art and intricacies of cracking a crab.  The noon-time demonstration will be followed by a timed crab cracking contest to see who can crack the most crab.

For a "sampling fee," folks can check out the wine and beer garden and sample Dungeoness Crab.  I'm not a crab guy, but I could do good things in the beer garden.

For 49ers fans, you can purchase a player's autograph for $20.  No word on which player it is.  Proceeds will benefit the 49ers Foundation and participants will receive a "49ers Respect Rim Hat."  I have no idea what that is.

I don't live too far from Union Square so I might try and get down to it.  If you are going to check it out, give me a heads-up and we can get a little Niners Nation meet-up.  I wonder if they'll let me take part in the crab-cracking?  Can I declare myself a local celebrity?