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Golden Nuggets: Continuity. That's all I have to say.

Hey guys, James here. I know, you're pretty bummed out because I was gone for two days (how many people just said "You were gone?" I know there was plenty) but I'm back now and I'm gonna give you some nice links to browse if you're hungry for Niners news. Most of what you read may or may not have been posted already on the site but I'll lay out all the most recent news for ya. Anyway, enjoy and I hope you didn't miss my links *too* much.

Get your predictions in, people! 'Nuff said! (

Maiocco takes a look at some potential OC candidates. (

He also gives his opinion on the 49ers free agents and who should be back. (

Kevin Lynch makes a good point about Shaun Hill and why Singletary should've handled the statement of him not being a starter differently. I agree that Hill should've been told he's the starter, maybe Singletary could've used words like "At this time," or something but already stating that there will be a battle worries me because Shaun Hill isn't... good at those things. (

Singletary wants control of this team. He pretty much has it. (

The 49ers are moving forward--whether you like their decisions or not (I do) you're along for the ride. (

Who really has control of the 49ers? Honestly, I believe its Singletary regardless of who officially is. (MercuryNews,com)

Continuity is the key here, I hope we get it. (

Kentwan Balmer wasn't the only rookie defensive end to struggle, he can still succeed. (

CB Walt Harris and LB Parys Haralson are going head to head in playoff predictions. (

What to watch for in the playoffs, a surprisingly interesting piece from the official website. (

Here's a 49ers Team Report from Yahoo. (

Could we see some of Singletary's ex-teammates make the coaching staff? I doubt it but its worth a read. (

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