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Hopping in the way-back machine: Bud Bowl 1

As we head into Super Bowl weekend, I thought it was high time we took a look back to a simpler time.  A time when the 49ers were in the midst of their dynastic run of the 80s.  In January 1989, the 49ers were en route to their third Super Bowl title, but something bigger was on the horizon.  It was Bud Bowl.

For those that don't remember (or were too young to see it), the 1989 Super Bowl (following the '88 season) featured Bud Bowl I, a set of six commercials that had Budweiser bottles taking on Bud Light bottles.  The event entailed six different commercials over the course of the Super Bowl.  They included a pre-game show, kickoff, and recaps of each of the four quarters.  Although the 49ers-Bengals game was exciting that year, Bud Bowl had a rather exciting conclusion as well.  Aside from a crazy ending, the highlight had to be the entrance of "The Appliance of Defiance," The Freezer.  Just unstoppable.  I was 9 at the time and thought Bud Bowl was the greatest thing ever.  The Super Bowl always has some good commercials, but Bud Bowl was the tops for me.

I've included all six videos below from that first epic battle.  Due to the size of each YouTube screen, I've included the pre-game show and kickoff before the jump and all 4 quarters after the jump.  For more information about Bud Bowl, this site has a recap of all eight Bud Bowls.  There is also a wikipedia page with the final score of each game.