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Golden Nuggets: Buzzkill sound right? Not sure yet.

So I feel just a little better about the (supposed) hiring of Jimmy Raye. I don't feel great and I still say I want Hue Jackson but its not going to happen. Some of today's articles made me feel a bit bitter, but again, a "bit better" isn't going to get me pumped for next season. What do I have to look forward to? The defense, I'll go into the season (as of right now) with less than the usual cautious optimism I usually bring to the table. I sincerely hope this guy works out. That is all.

Niners Nation official OC fanpost, etc etc. (

NFL names minority coaching program after Bill Walsh. (

Jimmy Raye is a "great motivator" and gets a lot of praise from former players. I just cant convince myself to be swayed just yet. (

Does buzzkill sound right to you? (

Barrows says the offense will be revamped under Raye. (

He also got a chance to talk to Raye, more on that here. (

Walt Harris and Haralson pick the Super Bowl in Head to Head. (

The 49ers signed WR Maurice Price to a future contract. (

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