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Barrows had a very interesting post this morning and I really would like to hear people's thoughts on it.  Jim Trotter, the guy who broke the Jimmy Raye story with Adam Schefter, did a radio interview with KNBR and had some interesting points about the hiring process.

According to Trotter (as posted on Barrows site):

[B]efore Mike Singletary made his final choice for offensive coordinator, he brought the two finalists, Raye and Hue Jackson, and had them sit down and talk football with the rest of his assistants, both offensive and defensive. After the session, Singletary then asked the assistants to make a choice. According to Trotter, it was unanimous in favor of Raye.

If this is true, what do people think of this kind of hiring process?  Barrows considers it "vintage Singletary" in that he gets the people under him to buy into the hiring.  He compared it to the Shaun Hill situation where he told the offensive players to "figure this out."  I imagine some people would view it as Singletary himself not taking enough ownership of the situation, but others would view it differently.  I think I don't have a problem with it, but I'm honestly not completely sure.

So, what do you think about this?