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Golden Nuggets: Raye of... hope?

Today is no different than yesterday for me. That is, how I feel about the new offensive coordinator hasn't really changed all that much. Jimmy Raye seems like a very... unusual choice. Believe me, I sincerely hope that I'm wrong--I really hope he does well and takes this offense to new levels; I'm just having trouble being optimistic that he actually can. I trust Singletary, I don't know why but I do. So if he picked Raye, then Raye it is and I'm along for the ride regardless. There's not a whole lot of news today, the news there is mainly concerns: you guessed it, Raye. Either way they're all interesting links so good morning and here's some news for your enjoyment. (Maybe enjoyment?)

So Raye has officially signed a contract. (

Maiocco provides a lot of information from a conference call with Raye and Singletary yesterday. (

Here's a full conference call with Jimmy Raye. (

Raye meshes with the 49ers offensive vision. (

And Singletary's comments on Raye. (

What to Watch For in the Super Bowl. (

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