Brothers and sisters who call yourselves niner fans.  Its been a rough decade for us who were the red and gold, but help is on the horizon.  Something that will allow us to have a top end defense and give us the freedom to draft the best player on the draft board.  That help is called Terrell Suggs. 

Some of you know him, some may love him, some may hate, but we can all say that for those of us who know him we respect his ability to do one thing.  GET TO THE QUARTERBACK.  With the advent of free agency, which occurs before the draft, we can see Terrell is entering into free agency. 

Terrel Suggs, who has worked with Singletary (briefly) and has a knack for getting into the backfield.   I am beginning a campaign right here and  now.  I ask the rest of my niner fan brothers and sisters to join me in this campaign.  Its entitled BRING TERREL TO TOWN. 

I understand that many naysayers out there will be disgusted by this posting.  For those of you saying we need peppers or haynesworth, I agree with you, but I find them unrealistic to be signed by the niners.  I feel like pursuing them greatly will force us to miss a great option in suggs.  Others might point to offense with the likes of matt cassell and TJ Whosyourmomma (for those of you of foreign decents I apologize I am too lazy to actually look up his name) available within free agency many may say let us put our money there.  My answer to you is no.  Matt was able to do what he did in New England because of the system there that he has learned over the time.  It is unlikely he can replicate that at another location.  TJ would be a great pickup, but with Coach Singletary saying this will be a run first offense, we will not benefit economically for the price we would have to pay for a great number TWO wide out. 

There are no dues, no fees, and no oblgations towards this campaign.  You can do it from home or from work.  You can just type it from your computer or tattoo it onto your torso and wait outside the santa clara sports compound.  Whatever you do, brothers and sisters, we need to let the powers that be to BRING TERREL TO TOWN.  I hope to see more about this.  I hope to see the true fans voices to be made loud.  I look forward to seeing it take hold of this website and then onto the sfgate site.  Next to hear it within the 'rumors' of ESPN and finally out of the mouth of Singletary.  But it has to start somewhere and it starts with each of us who believes this niner team can be great again.  If any of you want real change to this team you will join me.  Thank you.


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