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Golden Nugget: Still no OC news..

Hey guys, what's up? James here, settling in for what looks like another extremely short version of the Nuggets. As the days go by I'm getting more and more nervous wondering who will be the offensive coordinator. I have a feeling that whoever it is I'll know instantly if it'll work out or not. Something tells me whoever it is will either be a sure thing or a complete mistake. Either way, we'll find out soon I hope. Here's a few links for today, enjoy.

This article here contains news you already know, but has an interesting tidbit about Nolan and how it was pretty dumb to strip him of his GM powers (which he was good at) while keeping him as coach (which he was horrible at.) (

Matt Barrows has a Q&A with his readers. (

So the Niners and the playoffs? Samuel Lam discusses. (

Here's a look at how the Niners do running at different sides of the line. (

Mike Shanahan would be the perfect OC for us. Too bad there's about a .05% chance of that happening. (

That looks like all for now, will update if big news comes my way.

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