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Golden Nuggets: Come on, just one name, please?

Morning guys, James here with the Nuggets. I've not really anything to say today, there's a few more links and I'm crossing my fingers, refreshing the page every few minutes or so just hoping for some information on an offensive coordinator. At any rate, here's your links, enjoy, and I'll keep you posted. (And if I don't, I'm sure Fooch will.)

Ted Robinson will be the new 49ers radio play-by-play man. (

And here's more on that. (

The 49ers will not be coaching in the senior bowl unlike the last three years. (

I agree with the following statement: The NFL overtime rules should NOT be changed. (

Matt Barrows takes a look at the only known official OC candidate for us--Scott Linehan. (

Rumors are floating around about Mike Nolan becoming the DC for the Packers. (

S'all for now, will keep you updated.

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