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Golden Nuggets: Take you time, Singletary. I'll be asleep.

Hey guys, James here and I'm seriously about to fall asleep for like a week so once again, I can wake up and have an OC decision made awaiting me. It worked with the firing of Martz, who knows maybe me sleeping will get us a good 'un. Anyway, here's your links for this morning--enjoy.

Still no interviews for OC but a name has surfaced. (

Here's more on that. I suppose its a good thing its taking awhile, not jumping to conclusions and making mistakes. (

Maiocco takes a look at how the 49ers did at stopping the run. (

I'm hesistant to post these links, mainly because...well, don't worry about that, at any rate, this article points out a few plausible candidates. (

So Rathman is the hot pick then. (

Matt Barrows takes a look at that as well. (

Some odds and ends from Chrissy Mauck. (

Kentwan Balmer continues his rookie diary into the offseason. (

Roger Craig didn't make it into one of the 17 finalists for the Hall of Fame. (

I think at this point I'm going to lobby for Linehan. (

That's all for now.

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