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Golden Nuggets: Alright, the sleep thing worked.. kind of.

So it worked to an extent, the sleeping thing. I woke up and Tom Rathman was hired--but as our RB coach. Hey, no complaints here. Good choice I think. At any rate I'm hoping that if I go to sleep now I'll wake up and a new OC will be crowned, but the hot rumor is that the OC we have our eyes on is currently in the playoffs. Huh.. At any rate, I'm going to try out something Fooch suggested to me earlier today, which is to try and include some links to other bay area SBNation blogs for other sports and I think its a great idea throughout the offseason, I'll put up a poll as well and see what you guys want the most. At any rate, here's your links and lets all hope Rathman still has it.

Here's two links about our newly hired RB coach Tom Rathman. These are just announcement articles but both writers give a few opinions and look at the OC position. Here and here. (

More on that here. The only news today is pretty much ya know, the Rathman thing so you'll see a few repeats, take your pick. (

And here from Barrows. (

The 49ers defend pat-down searches at the 'Stick. (

So... the polls over at our resident Packers blog are indicating that yes, people there want Nolan as their DC. Hm.. Thoughts? (

So here's where I'll try and throw up some non-related links, I'm a bit out of touch with other sports these days but I know news when I see it. (Shut up, don't you argue with me.)

The Warriors can hang with the Lakers, this is true... but it wasn't enough, sucks regardless, eh? (

I really love these stories of a player returning to a team and seeing the fan reactions--this ones a nice little story about Giambi. (

I left it with just those two links because I'm unsure of exactly what you want so I'm throwing up a poll. Also, feel free to express opinions in the comments. (What team you want OR if you would NOT like to see any other teams in the Nuggets etc. IE; have the other links after a jump, perhaps?)

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