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Niners Nation Fantasy Football League Champions

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I forgot to do this last week, so here we go.  We had our championship games Week 17 and now have four champions of the first annual Niners Nation Fantasy Football Leagues.  The winner of each league received a $75 gift certificate to the 49ers online store.  The runner up in each league received a $25 certificate to the online store.  Speaking of which, they have a 20% off New Year sale going on now, if you want to buy any 49ers gear.


Niners Nation #1

#1 seed Peckerwoods pulled out the victory 86.1-83.55 thanks to the late efforts of Jay Cutler and Antonio Gates.  The Czars were held back by a 0 point effort from Pierre Thomas and .8 from tight end David Martin.  Peckerwoods wisely chose Leron McClain and Kevin Smith over Clinton Portis; one of many choices that made the difference in the matchup.

Niners Nation #2

#2 seed I'm Carrying Underwood pulled out the victory 96.55-86.2.  Underwood was basically carried to victory by a 36.5 explosion from Steven Jackson, his second biggest point effort of the season.  Although Nosetackle Supreme had big point performances on the bench, none of the difference makers could have been expected to outperform his starters.  This was especially so given the benched starters for playoff teams that week.  We'll definitely adjust the league schedule next season to have the finals Week 16.  My bad.

Niners Nation #3

In the championship game the wild card, forty9ers3298, became the Cinderella story of this Fantasy Football Season when he came back to beat division winner The Faithful. The Faithful started off strong with great Sunday showings from C. Johnson, D. Driver, and D. McNabb, and going into the last game the Fatihful was up 25.4 points. Forty9ers3298 had a good, not great day with Eagles Def. and D. Williams but it was his last, Sunday night game heroics, that netted him the victory. L. Tomlinson's 3 touch down season breakthrough performance (Only took to the last week of the season) and assistance from V. Jackson propelled him to being the Champ. Congratulations to forty9ers3298 and too everyone else... SEE YOU SUCKERS NEXT YEAR!

Niners Nation #4

The ultimate Cinderella shocked the world in NN #4.  The #6 seed Portland BowlBlazers ran the table and absolutely blew out the top seed Legacy_of_Walsh 131.2-78.15.  In a rarity, the BowlBlazers coach rating (basically optimal lineup) was perfect.  Given some of the folks on his bench (Wallace, Benson, F. Jackson and others) it's not exactly a shock, but still impressive nonetheless.  As for Legacy, his optimal lineup would have put up 104.35 so he never really stood a chance.

I want to thank everyone who took part in the fantasy football leagues this year.  I also want to thank Fanhouse and Flea-Flicker for sponsoring the leagues.  Thanks to their financial support, I was able to provide the prizes.  See you next season!