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Golden Nuggets: I'm never sleeping again

Mostly because the sleeping thing doesn't work like I'd hoped. Still no OC in sight but a few on the horizon as we've got another name on the list and interviews confirmed. I'm not sure how I feel about either of them but hey I really cant complain. They seem good and that means they should be good and I guess that's all good, now isn't it? (John Madden moment) and at any rate, I'm going to stop talking now and post up some links for you all. (Between Linehan and Chudzinski? I'd say Linehan.)

Mike Singletary is sticking to his plan, I sure hope its a good one. (

Here's an article you've likely already read from the front page with Maiocco showing some love for the two announced OC candidates, Scott Linehan and Rob Chudzinski. (

Here's a bit more on Rathman, some things to note from a conference call. (

And a general article about Rathman and the coaching situation from the Chronicle. (

This guy is of the opinion that we should be looking at receiver Jeremy Maclin for the 10th overall pick. I'm not convinced. (

"What to Watch For" from the official website, where 49ers Pro Personnel Scout Quentus Cumby gives an overview of this week's playoff games. (

Take a look at what Rathman inherits at the RB position. (

The most interesting thing about this article is the link between Chudzinski and QB Derek Anderson on the Browns. Could he be a 49er via trade if we sign Chudzinski at OC? We'll see. (

Here's what the official website posted from the conference call with Rathman. (

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